The Perfect Iced Coffee


So finally, we've had our first burst of shorts and t-shirt weather, which has been embraced fully here at Clara's HQ. Aside from the obvious purchase of a mint Feast, or a naughty Solero, we've also gone big on iced coffee. This is something I personally feel very strongly about, because an iced coffee in the summer is a very beautiful thing to behold. So here's an iced coffee that is delicious and very simple.

Iced coffee with milk

Equipment you'll need:

Espresso machine or mocha pot

Small steel jug

A cup

A fork



Full fat or semi skimmed milk (full fat is definitely nicer)

Sugar (just a little)



1) Make a double espresso in the way you normally would (let's not go into how to do this bit). Do your best and use nice coffee if you can. 

2) pour the espresso into the empty jug and sweeten to taste. I don't have sugar in any hot coffee, but I've found that iced coffee is far nicer when you season it with about 1/3 teaspoon of sugar. It doesn't really make it taste sweet, so if that's what you're looking for, you'd better go for a whole teaspoon! 

3) add milk. You'll have to estimate how much, but really you want this to be a 6 - 8oz drink

4) add LOTS of ice and stir quickly with a fork. The reason you need lots of ice at this stage, is it will lower the temperature of the coffee faster and will dilute it less. 

5) as soon as the jug feels icy cold, pour the coffee in to a chilled glass with a couple of ice cubes in it. 

6) Enjoy! It never lasts long, and it's never quite enough. Perfect.